My impressions of ReScript

I maintain a GitHub Action called check-for-changed-files. For the purpose of this blog post what the action does isn't important, but the fact that I authored it originally in TypeScript is.

Saying thanks to open source maintainers

After signing up for GitHub Sponsors, I had a nagging feeling that somehow asking for money from other people to support my open source work was inappropriate. But after much reflection, I realized

State of WASI support for CPython: March 2024

The biggest update since June 2023 is WASI is now a tier 2 platform for CPython! This means that the main branch of CPython should never be broken more than 24 hours for

My proof-of-concept record type

Back in June, I proposed a struct syntax for Python. I shared the post on Mastodon and got some feedback. Afterwards I thought about what I heard and talked it over with some

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