Unravelling comprehensions

After failing to unravel generator expressions [https://snarky.ca/not-unravelling-generator-expressions/], in this post as part as my Python syntactic sugar post series [https://snarky.ca/tag/syntactic-sugar/] I want to tackle comprehensions. Thanks

Unravelling generator expressions

In this post on Python's syntactic sugar [https://snarky.ca/tag/syntactic-sugar/], I want to try to tackle generator expressions [https://docs.python.org/3.8/reference/expressions.html#generator-expressions]. If you look

Unravelling the `async with` statement

I already covered unravelling the with statement [https://snarky.ca/unravelling-the-with-statement/], and async with is not much different. Much like with, the language reference for async with [https://docs.python.org/3.8/

Unravelling `async for` loops

When I decided the next post in my series on Python's syntactic sugar [https://snarky.ca/tag/syntactic-sugar/] would be on async for, I figured it would be straightforward. I have already done

Introducing the Python Launcher for Unix

The problem Let's say you have more than one version of Python installed on your machine. What version does python3 point to? If you said, "the newest version", you may actually be wrong.

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