syntactic sugar

"In computer science, syntactic sugar is syntax within a programming language that is designed to make things easier to read or to express. It makes the language "sweeter" for human use: things can be expressed more clearly, more concisely, or in an alternative style that some may prefer." --

Unravelling `if` statements

After the initial posting of my summary post about my syntactic sugar series, I received the following reply to one of my tweets: 🤔 wondering… ‘if/else’ (14 on your list) can be implemented

Unravelling Python's classes

For the second-to-last post in my syntactic sugar series [] (the final post will be a summary/conclusion post), I am tackling what I expect is my largest and

Unravelling ellipsis

... [] is the Ellipsis singleton. Shortest syntactic sugar blog post [] I have written. 😁

Unravelling literals

In this post of my syntactic sugar series, I want to tackle literals. Now some literals don't really require any code changes and are really just an alternative way to write

Unravelling subscriptions in Python

For the next post in my syntactic sugar series [] I want to cover subscriptions []. It's quite

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