syntactic sugar

"In computer science, syntactic sugar is syntax within a programming language that is designed to make things easier to read or to express. It makes the language "sweeter" for human use: things can be expressed more clearly, more concisely, or in an alternative style that some may prefer." --

Unravelling data structure displays

The title of this next post in my series on Python's syntactic sugar [] may seem odd: what's a "display" when it comes to data structures? It turns out

Unravelling comprehensions

After failing to unravel generator expressions [], in this post as part as my Python syntactic sugar post series [] I want to tackle comprehensions. Thanks

Unravelling generator expressions

In this post on Python's syntactic sugar [], I want to try to tackle generator expressions []. If you look

Unravelling the `async with` statement

I already covered unravelling the with statement [], and async with is not much different. Much like with, the language reference for async with [

Unravelling `async for` loops

When I decided the next post in my series on Python's syntactic sugar [] would be on async for, I figured it would be straightforward. I have already done

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